Transfer from College to College or University to University is possible in India. The procedure for transfer from First year Till 7th Semester is –
Transfer from one College to another: –

  • A student desirous of transfer from one College to another shall apply to the College or University in the prescribed manner for permission for such transfer. Such applications shall be submitted in every case prior to making the desired transfer and shall furnish valid reasons for the transfer proposed. This Ordinance applies to a transfer during the course of the academic year as well as to a transfer at the end of an academic year.
  • An application for a transfer shall invariably be accompanied by –
    • The written consent of the Principal/Registrar of the College/University in which the student is studying
    • The written promise of admission from the Principal of the College which he proposes to join, together with an assurance by him that the student, if the transfer is permitted, will be able to continue in his College the course of study already commenced by the student in each subject under each part of the examination; and
    • a certificate of satisfactory progress and good conduct from the Principal/Registrar of the College/University he is leaving.Authority to sanction: -It shall be competent for the Vice-Chancellor to sanction the transfer of a student from one College to another.Combination of attendance:A student who has been permitted by the Vice-Chancellor to be transferred from one College to another, shall apply for combination of the attendance earned by him in the College in which he was studying before such transfer and the attendance that he would be able to earn in the college to which he has been admitted.

Every such application shall be accompanied by a chalan receipt for the prescribed fee and shall be sent to the Registrar of the
University through the Principal, so as to reach him not later than one month after admission to the new College, and in any case fifteen days before the last date for the receipt of applications for admission to the examinations.

Direct College to College or University to University Transfer in India From 2nd Semester till the 7th Semester Can be Done by the
ENTRYGUIDANCE irrespective of Backlogs of the Previous Semester Results in the Top Engineering Colleges of India.